Right Where I Left It

No Capo [Intro] C – F – G C – F – G [Verse 1] C F G Rust on the water tower White steeple in the blue sky C F G Takes more than forty hours To make it to a Friday night C F State champs ’95 G Right there on the welcome … Read more

Getting Good

Capo 4th Fret G 320033 C x32010 D xx0232 Em 022000 D/F# 2×0233 [Intro] G [Verse] G C Once I fall in love then I’ll be happy G D But then you fall in love and there’s still a hole G C Once I get some money it’ll all be easy G D But then … Read more

10000 Hours

Capo 3rd Fret G 320033 Em 022000 C x32010 Bm x24432 [Verse 1] G Em C Do you love the rain, does it make you dance G When you’re drunk with your friends at a party? G Em C What’s your favorite song, does it make you smile? G Do you think of me? [Pre-Chorus] … Read more

The Woods

Capo 1st Fret [Intro] D D [Chorus] D One man’s trash is another man’s treasure D C G One stays gone, one’ll try to stay home D One man’s walls might feel like a prison C G Some live dying but I’m dying to live it D Some folks are staying out of the woods … Read more


Capo 4th Fret Bm x24432 G 320033 D xx0232 A x02220 Em 022000 [Intro] Bm – G – D – A G – D – A [Verse 1] Bm G D A How can someone stand so damn close Bm G D A And feel like they’re worlds away? Bm G D A I can … Read more

We Back

No Capo [Intro] Em – Em – Em – Em [Verse 1] Em Em Where’s the guy in the steel toes covered in dirt C Just a rock n’ roll t-shirt headed to work D With pack of red man in his pocket? He’s kind of red man but he’s rockin’ Em Em Where’s the … Read more

1 2 Many

Capo 4th Fret D xx0232 G 320033 A x02220 Bm x24432 [Intro] D – D [Verse 1] D well I Got a call from randy round six o’clock D saying he got hanker for a honkytonk G Wants an ice cold beer and a country song D But he didn’t wanna stay out all night … Read more

Houston We’ve Got A Problem

Capo 3rd Fret Em 022000 C x32010 G 320033 D xx0232 [Intro] Em C G D Em C G D [Verse 1] Em C G D This is my kinda town, this is my kinda place Em C G D I wouldn’t mind hangin’ round for more than just a couple days Em C G … Read more


Capo 3rd Fret Em 022000 C x32010 G 320033 D xx0232 [Intro] Em – C – G – D Em – C – G – D [Verse 1] Em C G D Hadn’t had a good time since you know when Em C G D Got talked into goin’ out with hopes you were stayin’ … Read more

Pretty Bitchin’

No Capo G 320033 C x32010 [Intro] G – C G – C [Verse 1] G I got a pretty new truck C Had some pretty good luck G C And some pretty red wine I’m sippin’ G Got a pretty guitar C With a white pickguard G C And a pretty good song if … Read more