White Trash

Capo: None G 320033 C x32010 D xx0232 F 133211 [Intro] G – G [Verse 1] G I’m finally on the up and up G A little 401K G Traded in my trailer park G For a neighborhood with a gate C Queen finally got her castle C Last one on the right, you can’t … Read more

Track Record

Capo: None C x32010 Am x02210 F 133211 G 320033 [Intro] C – Am – F – F (4x) [Verse 1] C Am Another date with the devil on Saturday night F F Another Bible in my hand on Sunday morning C Am Last one I left standing in the drive F F Said a … Read more

What She Wants Tonight

Capo: 4th Fret C x32010 Em 022000 D xx0232 *If you want to sound exactly like the song, you can remove the capo and play E – G#m – F#. Yea, there are bar chords with this. So you decide haha. Have fun! [Intro] C – Em – D – D [Verse 1] C She … Read more

Jesus Got A Tight Grip

No Capo E 022100 A x02220 C#m x46654 or x466xx B x24442 or x244xx [Intro] E – A – E – E – A – E [Verse 1] E Well I ain’t never been an angel A E I ain’t never been called a saint E E Yeah, I’ve decorated every bar in town C#m … Read more


Capo 1st Fret C x32010 D xx0232 G 320033 Em 022000 [Intro] C – D C – D [Verse 1] C D C D Have some scratches and some holes from rusty nails C D C D Have some di-rt and dust from all those broken trails C D But you shine ’em up brand … Read more


No Capo F 133211 Am x02210 G 320033 [Intro] F F Am G Am G e|————————————————| B|———————–1—————1——–| G|——-2——–2—-2——–0——2——–0-| 2x D|—–3——–3—-2——–0——2——–0—| A|—3——–3—-0——–2——0——–2—–| E|-1——–1————-3—————3——-| *This is basically the way you play the whole song. *If you find it hard to play the verse, just remove the Am chord. don’t undestand what I mean? Check out the chorus … Read more

Tequila Does

No Capo C x32010 F 133211 or x3321x Dm xx0231 D7 xx0212 G 320033 G7 320001 A7 x02020 E7 020100 [Intro] C – C [Verse 1] C His last name was Flores C He came up from Juarez F C Lookin’ for a hell of a time C With a blonde senorita C And a … Read more

What You See Is What You Get

Capo 1st Fret A x02220 E 022100 B x24442 or x244xxx or x24xxx (easy version) C#m x46654 or x466xxx or x46xxx *This is a Luke Combs song, what did you expect? 😉 [Intro] A – E – B – E – A – E – B [Verse 1] E I’m a puzzle A E I’m … Read more

Dirt We Were Raised On

No Capo Bm x24432 A x02220 G 320033 [Intro] Bm A G Bm A G (rock out) [Verse 1] Bm Yeah, we drank on it A Cranked some Hank on it G A Got a little crazy, raised a little hell on it Bm Yeah, learned to pray, learned to cuss A Throw a party, … Read more

I Hope You’re Happy Now

Capo 3rd Fret Em 022000 G 320033 C x32010 Cmaj7 x32000 D xx0232 D/F# 2×0233 [Intro] Em – G – C – G – Em – G – C – G – [Verse 1] Em G C G It’s all on me, it’s my mistake Em G C G I said “I don’t love you” … Read more