Jake Owen – LAX Chords

No Capo

[Verse 1]
City of angels, city of stars
Well, she shine brightest on that boulevard
She introduced me to Jackson Browne
Convertible rode me all over that town
Oh, my LAX [Verse 2] G She always carried a Polaroid camera D She always had that cold act glamour Em Well, she moved out there to chase her dream C To be an actress on that silver screen Oh, my LAX
[Chorus 1] G Well, dear seventy degrees and sunny D Please hold tight to my California honey Em Make her famous with lots of money C And tell her I wish her all the best Oh, my LAX [Bridge] G Nag Champa and marijuana D I close my eyes and I can smell it on her Em Boarded a plane back to Tennessee C I wonder if she's ever gonna think about me [Chorus 2] G Well, dear palm trees and palm readers D Tattoo artist and make believers Em Please tell her next time you see her C That I sure wish her all the best G D Oh, my LAX Em C Oh, my LAX